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Articles of Interest Written by Stonemill Partners

In order to help you further understand business transitions, mergers, acquisitions and related topics, we have written a series of educational articles to make the process less intimidating for you. These articles cover pertinent topics that are a result of the most frequent questions we get from those new to the buying, selling and transition process.

Each of these articles is designed to help you, your owners, partners and others in your firm become more familiar with business transition, whether you are on the buying or selling end

Downloading each of them will help you gain new insights, information, education and ideas about selling your business or making a strategic acquisition.

Transition Planning – News to Use

Article – Trends – 2018 – AEC Markets

Article – Stonemill Partners – Internal Transition vs External Transition

Your Transition Plan Might Need to Start Now

MATRIX – Using a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor vs. Transition On Your Own

Synergy: The Premium for Success Or 1 + 1 = 3

Is a Merge or Acquisition Right For Your Firm?

6 Reasons to Be Acquired – Expanding Capacity, Focus, People & Geography 

Stonemill Partners 7-Step “Leg Up” Plan – No Interest Anymore in Ownership Duties

Things to Watch Out For When Hiring Your M&A Firm – Part I

Continue or Beef Up Business Development

Increasing Firm Value-Getting Your Financial House in Order

Meeting The Talent Challenge: Growth by Acquisition

When to Sell Your Business – Retirement Age

Entrepreneurial Burnout