For Buyers

There’s more to a successful acquisition than just identifying a target and buying them. In order to achieve long-term success, an acquisition or merger must fit well with the strategic objectives of the buying company and the acquisition/merger process must be properly managed and executed.

Working with an expert who can accomplish this is why our clients make us part of their acquisition/merger team.

In addition to identifying potential acquisition candidates, we help our clients determine the strategic fit and to work through the major investigative phases of learning about fit, focus and culture on the way to a successful closing and acquisition.

Our in-depth acquisition/merger search program will identify interested sellers. Learn more about our business acquisition search process by contacting us.


"Not only did you find the buyer right away, but you negotiated a great deal for us with a high % of cash at closing. You exceeded our expectations"
- John Ellis, Mike Watson, Steve Bowers - Bowers, Ellis & Watson Architects