The Process

More than Introducing Buyer and Seller 

There’s more to a successful acquisition than just identifying a target and buying them. In order to achieve long-term success, an acquisition or merger must fit well with the strategic objectives of the buying company and the acquisition/merger process must be properly managed and executed.

Working with an expert who can accomplish this is why our clients make us part of their acquisition/merger team.

The buying/acquisition/merger process consists of:

  • Defining your Growth Strategy
  • Develop acquisition criteria and profiles of target firms
  • Research the Markets
  • Identifying Companies to Acquire/Merge
  • Valuing a Firm
  • Facilitate communication between buyer and seller
  • Structuring a Proposed Transaction
  • Due Diligence
  • Closing, Acquisition/Merger
  • Transition

Reasons to Buy/Acquire/Merge:

Diversify product/service offering

  • Expand geographic reach – expand into new regions and new markets
  • Acquire new skill sets – acquire new expertise and knowledge
  • Add people
  • Create more production capacity
  • Compete more effectively – getting out of the “gap” by competing with firms with a larger market penetration, increasing viability for more and larger projects
  • Enhance positioning of a firm within the communities it serves
  • Acquire new areas of expertise and knowledge
  • Expand leadership team
  • Enhance a company for attracting new staff/employees
  • Gain access to technological resources
  • Gain greater economies of scale
  • Enhance the next level of leadership