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Selling Your Business

We might have buyers for your business.

  • Formulating an exit or transition strategy from your business is a significant event that requires making as informed a decision as possible. Stonemill Partners has expertise in being a sell side advisory firm.
  • We stand by your side at every step of the selling process. This includes providing you full valuation information, possible transaction and deal structures as well as negotiation all the way up to closing as you accomplish your business transition objectives.
  • Selling a company is a once in a lifetime event for most owners so you want to do it right realizing maximum value. Don’t spend time on a long-term and expensive learning curve. Work with our professionals and experts who have extensive experience that will result in the greatest probability of a successful sale and transition, while capturing your hard earned equity.
  • It is crucial to enlist the help of an experienced and trusted business advisory firm like Stonemill Partners, a specialist in exit strategies and business sales, when you decide to sell. Skilled advisors can confidentially market your company, facilitate the selling process and develop a deal to meet your criteria while maximizing firm value.
  • When you engage Stonemill Partners you will be served by experienced senior level, mergers and acquisitions advisors who assure a high level of confidentiality, expertise and professionalism.
"When you listed our firm it seemed like you promised the moon, but you delivered on every promise. You held our hand through the process, walked the buyer and us through the SBA process and even appealed the third-party business valuation and won"
- John Ellis, Mike Watson, Steve Bowers - Bowers, Ellis & Watson Architects