Listing Your Business For Sale

When selling your business there are many steps to take and things to consider. Stonemill Partners will walk you through every step and process so that you don’t have to worry. Our brokers will analyze your business, carefully considering all factors when listing your business for sale.

When purchasing a business, a buyer is looking for a business based on solid facts. A potential buyer is looking to invest his money and future in provable books and records, a business that has a positive projected growth and potential, and a business with a reasonable price and terms compared with similar businesses in your industry. Buyers are looking for a seller that displays honesty and trust. Surprises are one of the main reasons that deals fall through. Always be honest with your broker and potential buyer. One of the most important things that a buyer is looking for is a motivated seller. A serious buyer wants to move forward with the process quickly, so response time is crucial.

The first step in hiring Stonemill Partners is signing a listing agreement. This agreement gives Stonemill Partners the right to market your business for a specified amount of time at a specified price. This agreement will also protect and ensure confidentiality of the seller and the business. After the listing agreement has been executed, the data will be gathered to effectively market your business.

Stonemill Partners will begin marketing your business immediately after all the data has been received by our office. We will market your business confidentially. We control the information flow to ensure confidentiality. Stonemill Partners qualifies all of its potential buyers so that when a buyer views your business, you can feel comfortable that this individual has the resources to close on the deal. When the negotiation process begins, our brokers will stand by your side to ensure that you receive the best price and terms for your business.

After the sale, the buyer will be expecting you to provide a reasonable transition which includes training and consulting. As a seller, you should consider the reasonable amount of time that you will be willing to provide this service. Also as part of the sale, the buyer is going to request that you sign a non-compete agreement.

Stonemill Partners will Enable Your Business. Our brokers will ensure that the sale of your business is a smooth process from the listing agreement through the transition period.