Listings of News and Events 

Business is always changing, and we are dedicated to responding to changes in order to provide you with the best service possible. We want to be a significant resource to you for your business transition – selling or acquiring/merging. We are very active in the market place, talk to many influencers and have our finger on the pulse of best practices and market trends. We share as much as we can through our writing, speaking and sharing so that you can be as informed as we are.

In this section you will find news items within the industry as well as Stonemill Partners news, all relevant to mergers and acquisitions and our work with you.


Stonemill Partners Western /Southwestern States – Press Release – Western Expansion

Stonemill Partners Was the Advisory Firm For The Acquisition of Wise Design by Novus Architects — Wise Design

Stonemill Partners Was the Advisor – Acquisition of Graham Designs by Lunz Prebor Fowler – Florida Architectural Firm