What We Can Do for You

What Can Stonemill Partners Do for You?

Stonemill Partners offers a wide array of services geared toward the sale, merger and acquisition of engineering, architectural, design and construction firms.

Expertise and Focus: Our experience in this highly specialized niche creates an advantage for our clients, whether in selling a firm or acquiring a firm for strategic growth. Our focus, clearly sets us apart from other mergers and acquisitions firms.

Confidentiality: Confidentiality is the nature of our business. We put in place the necessary safeguards to keep all information and the process confidential. We are strict about this and are known for this.

Success-Based Fee Structure: Our proven “success-based” approach to business sales, coupled with the proper presentation of your firm along with our focus, will maximize your company’s value, find a firm that “fits,” and enables our success rate to be considerably higher than that of the industry.

Business Valuation: We are experts in valuation and will provide an objective, professional opinion of realistic anticipated business value. We will also advise on an anticipated transaction/terms structure. It is important to understand your options and then make an informed decision, at the beginning and throughout the selling/acquisition process.

Acquirers: Our extensive network of business and professional contacts, databases and research capabilities, along with our proprietary methodologies enable us to provide rapid and targeted introductions of appropriate and strategic buyers and sellers.