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Helping to Create Successful Transactions is What We Do

Helping to Create Successful Transactions is What We Do

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Firms in the built environment engage us to find acquisition targets that are a good fit and have a similar culture. Not only is finding the right firm to acquire critical, so is integrating the firm, transitioning the employees, and realizing synergy (1+1=3).


Successfully acquiring the right firm is a significant undertaking, from identifying targets and completing financial and valuation assessments to due diligence, integration planning, transitioning employees and preparing the deal documents.


We will advise you through every step in the process to ensure that you have a successful closing.


The Buying Process

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Kick-Off Call

The first step in the process to buy a firm is a kick-off call with us. We want to meet with you to learn as much as we can about your firm. From the culture of your firm down to how your firm is organized. It’s all important! We will then discuss your acquisition goals and objectives to develop a full set of target criteria. The target criteria will include things like geographic location, financial requirements, and project.

Find and Evaluate Targets

We identify acquisition targets, reach out to them to schedule calls and conduct an in-depth evaluation to see if the firm is a good fit with your acquisition criteria and aligned culturally with your firm. Once we have identified a target for you, we will share the detailed information that we learned about the target firm with you and schedule video calls with you and the leaders of the target firm.

Develop Relationship and Analysis

If the video call goes great and you agree that the target firm could be your next acquisition, you will want to start building a relationship with the leaders of the target to insure cultural alignment while analyzing their financial performance. We will work with you to schedule in-person meetings and agendas while gathering the target’s financial information for analysis and valuation.


Now it’s time to submit an offer & make the deal happen. We will work with you to draft and negotiate a Letter of Intent using valuation multiples & a transaction structure based on your criteria and what is commonly used in the built environment. Once the target accepts the offer, we will begin due diligence and integration planning to prepare for a successful closing. In addition, we also work alongside your transaction counsel to finalize the closing documents.


It’s Closing Day! By now we have completely integrated the two firms and everyone is excited for the future. The closing documents will be signed, the closing funds will be transferred and then we will be officially closed.


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